Danielle grew up in Orange County California and received her BA in Theatre at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. She has been working in Los Angeles, enjoying some juicy roles in indie films, and winning awards for her writing &  acting projects. She has been thoroughly enjoying the journey. Many of her roles have revolved around her sunny disposition and kind nature. She effortlessly played the sweet, adoring mom who was ready with a batch of cookies or a pep talk. Without skipping a beat she transformed into the compassionate, caring nurse who fought to make sure her patients were well cared for. She was naturally suited to play the dedicated, supportive teacher who helped her students find their inner strengths. You will find her work at the links below. An example of her writing and producing work would be her award winning web series titled, Booster Mom which is at the Youtube link. Danielle is a multi talented hyphenate who jumps in and fully immerses herself in the work.